Safety & Risk Mitigation

slide14slide21slide31Safety and the management and mitigation of risk are fundamental concerns of virtually every enterprise and business. Businesses are properly concerned with the safety of their employees, their customers, the inherent safety of their products, and with the control and mitigation of risk involved in their processes, policies and procedures. Concerns regarding safety and risk drive decisions in every aspect of a business or enterprise, and yet these decisions are often poorly made and typically the reasons for these poor decisions are not well understood.

Drawing on the experiences of a forty year career in experimental flight test, Mike Meier has developed a unique approach to understanding the underlying factors that lead to poor decision making. Mike has identified three crucial factors – the inherently deceptive mathematics of probability, Murphy’s Corollary, and the Pressure To Go – which combine to induce poor decisions to be made, and at the same time tend to obscure those poor decisions by making them appear to have been good decisions.

Mike’s presentation on safety and risk mitigation will leave you with a deeper understanding of where poor decision making comes from and what effective strategies you can use to overcome the factors that lead to unsafe decisions and practices.